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How to Earn Money Online – 4 Passive Income Stream Ideas

Now days everyone wants to earn money online, but it’s not as easy as you think. We are motivated by passive income to have the freedom to work whenever and for as long as we choose. You can wake up when you want, travel when you want, and eventually buy whatever you want.

Let me just say that true passive income doesn’t exist. It’s a “semi-passive” income…but still better than a 9 to 5 job.

Money doesn’t magically appear when you click your fingers.

We all need passive income, but we just need to think about it differently. First, you plant the seeds, then you get the benefits for years to come. You have to do the work first.

Getting the first three strategies off the ground takes time, but once they’re up and running, they will pay off for years and years to come. 

We’ll talk about 4 passive income methods.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Create YouTube Videos
  3. Creating Courses On Skillshare
  4. Investing

Affiliate Marketing

You don’t have to create anything yourself for this passive income strategy. Affiliate marketing is when you help people sell their products or services.

Amazon’s affiliate program is a good example. My first job online was with that program. Amazon has the biggest affiliate program in the world, so if you can review or recommend a product you can make some money online.

amazon affiliate program
amazon affiliate program

You can promote products to your audience, whether it’s through blogging, Tiktok accounts, or even a free Discord channel if you build up a small niche audience. The awesome part is you never have to create these products or services yourself.

Create YouTube Videos

You can make a lot of money doing this. You can earn $1000 to $3000 per video from Adsense for some video creators. That’s crazy!

Imagine making 10 videos a month. With YouTube, you don’t have to care about your age, what you look like, or how smart you are. You can make six figures a year making videos and posting them on YouTube by the age of 7 or 90!

create youtube videos
create youtube videos

Just like our farm analogy from earlier, it’s extremely slow to start, but once it gets going, it’s awesome. You’ll see your online income grow within a year if you stay consistent and post one or two times a week.

Indeed, YouTube isn’t for everyone since you have to be out there, but if you don’t mind putting yourself out there, it’s a great way to make passive income.  

Creating Courses On Skillshare

Everyone is good at something, whether it’s sewing, painting, writing, fitness, accounting, photography, or even just showing people how to organize their files.

Creating Courses On Skillshare
Creating Courses On Skillshare

All of these things are things that people are actively searching for on Skillshare.

When people launch a course they get worried for a couple of reasons: 

  1. How will people find their course 
  2. Are they able to deliver on the price?

Both of those issues are fixed by Skillshare. You don’t need to be an expert at ads or organic marketing to get views from potential customers. Skillshare pays for the course, so you don’t have to worry about refunds. Skillshare members pay a monthly fee, and you get paid based on how many people watch your course and for how long.

Making a course with this system takes a lot of the stress out of it. You can start a course on Skillshare with as little risk as possible and with a platform that gives you directions and views.


Investing is the last strategy for passive income. The seeds provide the highest passive income since they are the only thing you need. With a little water, you get the yield without doing anything. All of that stuff is taken care of by another person. I think investing is the best way to become financially secure over the long run.


You can invest in real estate, art, blogging, wine, stocks, antiques, books, gold, silver, and coins…to name a few. Pick what you like. The most important thing is that you know what you’re investing in and that you have a long-term outlook. I personally invest in blogging – because I think it’s a great long-term investment and it’s art.

These four strategies all can make you a good monthly passive income…it’s up to you to decide if they’ll work for you and if they’ll fit your personal income goals. I hope you got something out of this mini-article. Good luck!  

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  1. Very infromative thanku so much for sharing this knowledge….
    Sir mera ak swal hai yahan pay….suppose main koi b affiliat product k upr like ak book k uper apna content likhta hu or usy apni site py promot krta hu to us product k hwaly say mujhy kya faida ho ga….jo book ka author hai uski to income genrate ho g…..m amazon say kisi b id ki ak product utha k promot krna start kr daita hu…kya wo seller b mjy pay kry ga jis ki product m promot kru ga.?

  2. Dear sir,
    How to invest and earn from blogging?

    How much investing is require?

    What is Profit Ration?

  3. Very useful Mashaa Allah!
    How can i run a blog if i don’t have knowledge of SEO as i am just a content writer?

    Secondly, If i hire other persons for SEO l, how much cost should i expect to invest per month?
    Jazak Allah

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