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Click Depth Guide for Better SEO and User Experience

When you’re on a website, getting to a specific page can sometimes take a few clicks. This is what we call “click depth.” Imagine your website is like a big house, and you want to find a special room inside it. The number of doors you have to open to reach that room is your click depth.

For instance, let’s say you start at the main page of a website. If you click on “Blog,” then click “Older Articles” two times, and finally click on a specific blog post, you’ve gone four clicks deep. This number might change if they add more blog posts.

But sometimes, you can reach that special room more quickly. If the website has a link from another page, like the FAQ page, directly to the blog post you want, you might only need two clicks to get there.

Why Click Depth is Important for SEO

Click depth matters a lot for how Google understands which pages on a website are important. Imagine Google as a curious explorer. If it’s easy for this explorer to find the cool stuff in your house (website), then Google will think those things are important.

According to John Mueller of Google from a talk in 2018:

A guy from Google named John Mueller said that in 2018. He explained that if it takes many clicks to get to something important from the main page, Google might not realize how valuable that thing is.

In simple words, the fewer clicks it takes to find something, the more Google will think it’s super important and useful.

So, if you want Google to notice your page, make sure people can get there with just a few clicks. This is where “internal linking” comes in – it’s like making secret passages in your house so people and Google can find stuff easily.

Making Users Happy with Click Depth

But it’s not only about Google. It’s also about making visitors to your website happy. Imagine if your house had signs everywhere, showing the way to the cool room. People would love visiting, right?

Likewise, on your website, you want folks to find what they want without getting lost. The easier it is for them, the more they’ll like your site and maybe come back later.

The Right Number of Clicks

What’s the best number of clicks? Well, around 2 or 3 clicks is great. Maybe 4 clicks if you have to. But if it’s deeper than that, it’s like hiding something under a lot of furniture. Google might not find it, so it won’t show up in searches.

To put it simply, you want most of your important stuff to be easy to find. If you’re confused about this stuff, you can ask experts who are good at it. Like the SEO folks in Dallas, they know how to help your website shine.

Final Thoughts

click depth is a big deal. It’s like building a roadmap for Google and your visitors. If you make things easy to find, Google will notice, and people will enjoy visiting your site. So, keep your click depth low and your website will be a winner!

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