How Can Earn From Fiverr Affiliate Program Through Reddit Traffic

How Can Earn From Fiverr Affiliate Program Through Reddit Traffic (Case Study)

In the following article, you’ll learn a dead-simple technique that can drive traffic to any offers and websites by making targeted comments on Reddit.

For this guide, I selected a niche I had never promoted before just to prove that the concept works as long as it is mentioned on Reddit.

  • Niche: Resume Writing
  • Affiliate Network: Fiverr
  • Comments Made: ~50
  • Earnings: $228.20
earning through fiverr affiliate
earning through Fiverr affiliate


Instead of spamming (and getting banned for it) every subreddit related to your niche, you’ll use a SaaS called Notifier. It’s a social listening tool for Reddit (and for other social media networks). It sends you an email whenever your keyword is mentioned on Reddit, then you make a targeted comment.

Why is it More Powerful?

It’s like the cheap version of GoogleAds, with the help of Notifier, you can promote your offers to the right audience at the right time. This traffic is pretty targeted and hot because you are promoting to them when they mention a keyword, which means that they are actively looking for information and advice on your niche. Making these super-targeted comments also results in fewer bans and more thankful reactions

Moreover, your comments will stay there forever. They get indexed and you’ll get both Google and Reddit traffic for life. The more you comment the more traffic you’ll get in the long run.

What You Need To Get Started

First of all, go and sign up for Notifier, I recommend going with the $29/month plan because you can test more keywords with it, but if you are tight on money the cheapest option will do just fine. They offer a week trial, but I think you’ll need at least a month to find a profitable offer and keyword, so don’t be disheartened after 3 days.

Tip: Create a dedicated email address for this because you’ll get a ton of emails

Get a custom domain from NameCheap, it’s necessary to make a custom URL shortener, affiliate links are getting blocked by default. Open a free Rebrandly account and set up your domain so you can shorten the URLs. Here is a tutorial on how to connect your domain with them

Affiliate Networks

If you don’t have a service, website, or niche already, I’d suggest going with Fiverr’s affiliate program, which has many benefits such as:

● Easy to sign up.
● Easy to sign up for users too.
● It’s a big brand, people trust it.
● Direct linking works pretty well.
● You are recommending real “specialists” with reviews.
● Plenty of niches and gigs to promote.

Pay-per-call networks, and local niches, also work because every major (especially US) city has its own community.

For a wide variety of offers, there is Maxbounty, Clickbank, and other traditional affiliate networks, but I only recommend going with these if you are more experienced because apart from Fiverr, direct linking barely works.

Tip: use Fiverr’s hybrid CPA option if you promote high ticket services to get more $/sale.

Reddit Accounts

I use my aged high karma accounts to post the comments, if you don’t have one just buy it. There are many seller on Facebook , but you can use too. If you want to add karma to an account, open, go back a few years on r/jokes and repost the most upvoted jokes with a slightly different title. You can do this with any other subreddits too.


The beauty of Reddit is that you can find every niche on it, so I usually start my research with offers. If I find an interesting offer, I put a broad niche keyword into Notifier and see what kind of results I get. You want to solve problems, offer alternatives or give advice to others. People ask questions on Reddit because they don’t trust review sites and want real user
opinions. For example “resume writing” is a great keyword because the CV is the foundation of job hunting, basically, everybody needs one, therefore it will get mentioned in every subreddit from engineering to hairdressing where people
seek career advice.

So, you generally want to look for keywords, and niches that are mentioned in multiple sub-niches. Avoid too general keywords like “turmeric” because you’ll get a tsunami of irrelevant emails about recipes etc. If you want to target broad keywords just target specific subreddits instead of the whole site. For example, if you have a turmeric supplement, target only health-related subreddits. You can get really creative with this, staying with the turmeric supplement example, you can check the sales page and target its health benefits. For example, set up a searcher for “inflammation OR brain fog” and then just recommend your product as a cure.

Few Keywords Example

● [service name] “resume writing OR cv writing”
● [service near] “plumbing near OR plumbing in”
● [brand names] “NordVPN”
● [recommendations] “VPN Recommendations OR Looking for a good VPN”
● [best product] “best electric scooter”
● [status comments] “bad credit score”
● crypto and stock mentions

As I said above it’s almost like GoogleAds, you want to find a keyword that produces enough results and has commercial value, then you start optimizing for it. Be aware that keyword mentions fluctuate just like in Google, so it can happen
that you get a lot of email alerts for a keyword then suddenly there is nothing for a week, this won’t be an issue if you have at least 2-3 niches.

How To Set Up Notifier.

This is the easiest part of the tutorial, just follow the instructions.

Click on add searcher

add searcher
add searcher

Select what social networks you want to get notifications from. I’d recommend going with only Reddit at first, then expanding to other networks when you found a winning keyword.

add new searcher
add new searcher

Set your alert Setting.

It’s best to test keywords with “Dashboard Only” so you won’t get hammered with irrelevant emails, then switch to email notifications when you have a winner.

set alert setting
set alert setting

Set Up Your Keywords

The easiest way to get started is the “OR” operator. It lets you test two keywords in one “searcher”. Enable “whole word matching” this will spare you from results like “overcomplicated”.

set your keyword
set your keyword

Reddit Searcher Options

You can leave this as it is for now and save the searcher.

reddit searcher options
Reddit searcher options

The Comment

but generally, you want to avoid salesy language, as I told you above people on Reddit are looking for honest answers from others, not reviews and sales copies.

So make your comment a personal story that shows features as benefits, and goes from problem to solution. Also, include power words without being cheesy.

For example:
“Don’t go with companies, they are way too expensive, this guy on Fiverr did a stellar job on my resume and I went from zero to 3-7 callbacks a week.”
“Ask a professional to improve your resume, I had an outstanding experience with this guy on Fiverr. He even keyword-optimized my CV and since then I’m getting callbacks left and right!”

Of course, you sometimes have to alter the comment to fit the thread, for example, if someone asks “are resume writing services worth it?” you just cut the company part.

Also, don’t forget to copy the comment to your phone so you can respond on the go.

Timing matters, the sooner you comment the more traffic you’ll get. Of course sometimes, especially if you promote in a more tech-savvy community people will check your profile and call you out, report, or both. It happens, the best tactic is just to let them be, don’t engage with them.

Boosting Your Comment

This is optional and I haven’t done this with the resume writing niche, but the more effort you put into a method the more you’ll earn.

Download stealth browsers like Dolphin, Incogniton and add extra social proof to your comments with alt accounts. Both browsers are free with up to ten accounts, so you can send 20 upvotes and comments.

Tip: If you don’t have proxies at your disposal already, go with VPNs, for example, 20 private proxies cost ~$20+ while NordVPN is $2.9 a month. You have to change IPs manually when switching profiles but it’s 7 times cheaper


If you found a profitable niche, start rotating offers and see what works and what doesn’t, even if you promote people on Fiverr try to test at least 3 top-rated vendors.

Write multiple comments and see how people react to them, use the one that gets mostly positive reactions and upvotes.
Exclude subreddits and users that send you junk notifications.

Target individual subreddits with their own searchers. The goal is to get a lot of relevant notifications, if you get 100 emails and you can only answer to 3, then your searches suck.


When you find a profitable niche, you should set up multiple searchers to target different angles. Remaining with the resume writing niche you could set up searchers for company brand names, so you could offer an alternative.

You could set up searchers targeting unemployeds with the “I’m unemployed OR I’m on a job hunt”. You could target people who want to move up in their career, “I need advice OR any advice” This is too broad so you have to only include work-related subreddits. And so on…

The more angle you find the more opportunity you get to comment. If you want to take this to the next level, hire a virtual assistant and make him copy-paste comments full time.

Final Word

While I gave you a working niche, don’t be the lazy affiliate who just copies everything, chances are good that this niche will be spammed anyway, so be unique and build a long-term revenue stream!
Good luck! SBMM Members.

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