How To Earn Money By Promote Digital Products Through Affiliate Marketing

How To Earn Money By Promoting Digital Products Through Affiliate Marketing

SaaS (software-as-a-service) and other digital products account for a good chunk of commissions. Here is a quick, actionable guide on making money by promoting these types of products. You can do it as well with your favorite software or digital products. 

What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing
What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money by marketing someone else’s products. Affiliates just pick a product they like, promote it, and get a cut of the profits. Sales are tracked by affiliate links between websites.

Affiliate Marketing By Promoting Your Favorite SaaS And Digital Products


Online businesses need software and tools to run properly, and they’re ready to spend whatever it takes to get them.

Tools Include

  1. Website Themes / Plugins
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Email Autoresponders
  4. Lead Generation Tools  

Obviously, this list can go on, but you get the point – they’re needs, not wants. Plus, as you dive into specific industries, you’ll find tools, software, digital products, and so on. 

Pay High Commissions Rate

The reason digital products pay you more than physical products is they don’t require ongoing shipping and handling or production charges. There are a lot of digital products that pay anywhere from 10% (on the low end) to 75% (on the high end). It’s normal to get 30-40% commission on SaaS products, but most high-ticket digital products pay 50%. It’s much better than promoting products on Amazon:

amazon Commission rate list
amazon Commission rate list

High Ticket

You can make a high commission on digital products. I’ve seen products that paid out thousands of dollars for one sale.

By referring people to SaaS, you can keep getting paid for years to come if they stay with the service. From one referral to the right Enterprise company, I’ve seen people make $25k per year. It takes a lot less traffic to hit your income goals with these types of products.   

Evergreen And Long Term

You can use services like Bluehost and Aweber that have been around forever. They’re long-term, evergreen. If you can rank for the term, you can publish a product review and it pays you for years and years to come.

You can earn commissions much more passively if you focus on ethical products rather than trying to compete for every single launch.

7 Ways To Promote Digital Products

7 Ways To Promote Digital Products
7 Ways To Promote Digital Products

Commissions are mostly earned by writing keyword-focused posts to refer people to these products. Your posts referring people to a specific product start to compound over time. 

The more posts you write, the more topical authority you build, and the more visitors you get, the more affiliate commissions you’ll earn! Check out these great posts to promote your favorite software-as-a-service and digital products.

Publish a Great Review

Make it your goal to write an in-depth review for every digital product you buy. Make sure you include your honest opinions. It’s getting easier to spot fake reviews as time goes on. Transparency is key — even bad reviews will get you sales. Here Is the Best Example

Post Comparison Between Two Products

People love learning about multiple products they are considering at one site. Compare all the Dropshipping + Ecommerce courses you’ve taken, and share your experience!  Here is a Perfect Example

Publish a “vs” Post Between Two Products

Share your experiences with different products as you try them out. Write a post comparing your honest thoughts on two email marketing tools if you have decided between them. Here is a Perfect Example

Target other Commercial keywords

Everyone wants the best deal on whatever they’re buying. You can make a ton of money by targeting low-competition keywords related to the product. Here is a Perfect Example

A few examples include:

  • X Pricing
  • X Discount
  • X Coupon
  • How much does X cost?
  • How to get the best deal on X

Create helpful tutorials

You can promote drop shipping courses by creating content about how to build a Shopify store, fulfill orders, run ads, etc. With this type of content, you can promote Dropshipping or Shopify because it matches the search intent. Here is a Perfect Example

Your blog should have a resources page

Nowadays almost every blog has a page about favorite products or services. You can easily put affiliate links here, and it will get clicks.  Here is a Perfect Example

Put it in a Course or Training

Make a free course or lead magnet that uses the product if you want to earn big commissions. Maybe you can teach people how to use it. You can also make a course on how to use it and promote it that way. 

I know it will take more work than the other ideas, but it’s a great way to make affiliate commissions. Here is a Perfect Example


I hope this guide helped you promote your digital and SaaS products. It’s what I wish someone had handed me back when I was struggling to make affiliate commissions at all, writing random posts hoping for sales.

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